Four Common Mistakes To Avoid in Wistia’s Soapbox!

As you probably heard, Wistia recently introduced Soapbox, the easiest video creation tool ever. Just hit record, switch back and forth between a webcam and your desktop, and send it. But unfortunately, it exists within a complex universe…. Read More

Save time organizing big video projects by slating your shots!

Today’s episode is about keeping your video project organized. Now, when it comes to small projects, it’s not so hard. And it’s not even really all that important. You write a script, you get your shots, you bring… Read More

Overwhelmed by Premiere effects? Here are the five most important!

Premiere Pro! It sure is… powerful. Just look at all these features. Mountains of effects. Transitions. A really awesome titler. Context menus! Windows upon windows! It’s hard, really, to not feel like you’re missing out. I mean, just… Read More

Show the usefulness of a “boring” product by turning features into benefits!

So, the other day, your boss asked you to make an exciting new product video.  Ordinarily, this might be a project you’d enjoy, buuuuut… well, this product is really, really boring. How, exactly, are you supposed to make… Read More

How to focus on yourself when shooting solo!

It’s shootin’ day, and you just set up your camera so you can record yourself talking. It goes well, for the most part, and you eventually get all your lines sounding pretty good. And then you go back… Read More

How to use windows as your background without turning subjects into silhouettes!

There’s one sentence every videographer dreads hearing: “Can I stand in front of the windows?” From a layperson’s perspective, why shouldn’t you be able to do that? The inside walls are so boring! The studio’s getting old! And… Read More

Cross-polarize to subdue shiny faces!

It’s a fact:  humans have shiny faces.  They don’t look so bad in real life, but on camera, it can get distracting.  You’d put powder on their face, but they’re already feeling uncomfortable about being on camera, and… Read More

Get your lights off the floor with scissor clips and wall plates!

You’re using light stands in your studio because… well, that’s how you use lights, right? It wouldn’t be so bad if your studio weren’t a little on the small side, which means that you spend more time tripping… Read More

Affordable, travel-friendly alternatives to the Ice Light!

Eeeeeeveryone loves the Ice Light. This is probably because it’s so awesome. It’s lightweight, compact, battery-powered, and really versatile. But, unfortunately, not everyone has $450 to drop on it. Is there something almost as travel-friendly that won’t kill… Read More

Copy individual iPhone video clips without syncing your whole library!

The iPhone’s camera gets a better picture than almost any prosumer-grade camcorder you could buy ten years ago.  But there’s (at least) one big downside: it takes way too much time to sync your whole photo library using… Read More