How to livestream an event!

The other day, you were sitting in on the planning meeting for your upcoming Really Important Event. Maybe that event was your company’s annual conference, or a retreat, or whatever.

You’ve been documenting the event on video for as long as you can remember, and – eventually! – sending it to everyone who couldn’t attend in person. But this year, they want to kick that up a notch: they want to livestream this event.

But… where do you even begin with that?

In this ten-minute video, you’ll learn everything you need to know to connect a camcorder and audio mixer to your computer, and stream it to anyone in the world who wants to watch – whether that means you want to share it to everyone who follows you on Facebook, or you need to make sure it’s only seen by a select few.

You’ll also learn a neat little trick for getting those post-meeting videos to your audience a lot faster!

(Of course, this is a lot of material crammed into ten minutes, so if there’s any part of this you don’t understand or where you think I skipped something important, reply to this email and let me know about it!)