Four Common Mistakes To Avoid in Wistia’s Soapbox!

As you probably heard, Wistia recently introduced Soapbox, the easiest video creation tool ever. Just hit record, switch back and forth between a webcam and your desktop, and send it.

But unfortunately, it exists within a complex universe. And like any tool, if garbage goes in to Soapbox, garbage will most assuredly come out.

After all, it’s pretty easy to forget the small stuff…

  • Is your microphone only recording into one channel?
  • Did you set your audio trim correctly?
  • Does your webcam look inexplicably awful?
  • Will anyone have time to read the meticulously-crafted bullet points in your slides?

Fortunately, the most common mistakes are pretty easy to prevent. Double-check these four things right now, and you’ll be making great-looking and -sounding quick-turnaround videos forever!


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