I had been thinking of creating some videos for my professional services website. I lie – I had created some videos for my site, and they were better than nothing, but pretty cringe-inducing. I had been trying to research what I needed to do to set up a simple studio-like arrangement at home/in my office, but, quite frankly, I was overwhelmed. I got in touch with Nick, who responded promptly. From the start he was generous with his knowledge and easy to get on with. Nick provided me with some really useful feedback in terms of the best location to film my videos; equipment I could/should invest in without spending enormous amounts of money; and providing practical tips for when I start recording. Not only has this saved me an enormous amount of time and confusion, but it has given me a huge confidence boost. Spending the time and money to engage Nick was time and money very well spent. I would recommend his services to friends and colleagues.

-- Sonnie Bailey

Nick’s service was terrific! I’d been trying to make videos for some time, but I was finding the process overwhelming, time-consuming, and my results were cringe-worthy. Nick was generous with his knowledge and great to work with. He provided useful feedback on things like where to film my videos, equipment I should invest in without spending enormous amounts of money, and many practical tips that have been useful. He gave me a huge confidence boost. Paying for Nick’s assistance was some of the best money I’ve spent.

-- Sonnie Bailey

Nick and I had an enjoyable coaching session that broke down some of the major barriers that I felt as a millenial technophile with only a little experience in digital audio/video. While the rest of my industry was panicking to move totally online, Nick's calm demeanor and step by step instruction helped me smoothly navigate the new challenges ahead! Thanks, Nick!

-- Sam Suggs

Nick is one of those unicorn creatives who can not only produce a great video, but also ensure it actually accomplishes the client's goal. His insightful and thoughtful approach to video marketing makes him an extremely valuable asset to my agency and our clients. His animation skills allow him to clearly convey complex and abstract topics visually. He's an expert at translating limited direction into a high quality video that's always on-brief and on-brand.

-- Ian Servin / Brafton

Technically skilled and experienced in every aspect of multimedia production? Sure. But it’s the creativity and across-disciplines expertise that Nick brings to every project that set him apart. Need a fantastic-looking three-camera shoot of two medical experts discussing the latest research findings? Nick does that. Then, Nick makes it better with deft direction and clever suggestions that transform a good video interview into a great interview. Need to train a group of untrained staff in the basics of producing their own multimedia projects? Nick does that, too, with clear instruction, easy-to-follow training materials, and patient, consistent follow-up. And there’s no organizational process Nick can’t improve with innovative solutions, from automating multimedia graphics to sharpening insights into e-newsletter metrics.

-- Terry Rudd, Senior Editor, WebMD / Frontline Medical Communications

Nick's motion graphics templates saved me incalculable amounts of editing time. They're animated wonderfully, easy to use, and deliciously customizable. Graphics used to be the most difficult part of putting a video together. Now they're the most fun.

-- Aaron Stavely, Production Manager, Mane6

My time spent with nicksmadscience was incredibly productive. He had lots of great ideas, and his energy and enthusiasm inspired me to make new content for my viewers. Thanks, nicksmadscience!

-- Doug Perry, Video Game Musician Extraordinaire

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