Get that slate in the first frame of each clip.

Today's episode is about keeping your video project organized.

Now, when it comes to small projects, it's not so hard. And it's not even really all that important. You write a script, you get your shots, you bring ‘em into your editing software, and you sort of cobble ‘em together on your timeline. And then you're done.

But just as soon as you're coming up against a big project? One with a hundred or more shots? Well, that's when you might find yourself a little... lost. Which shot is which? How is MVI_4725 different from MVI_4726? How should I sort them? Should I divide them into bins? How long do I have to spend organizing my shots before I can even get to editing?

Fortunately, there's a little trick you can use to make your clip-organizing go a LOT faster. Here's a video that shows you how!

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