Don't hit Record without checking the list first.

Distraction checklist!

We've all been there: the light is looking great, your interviewee is in the mood to pour his/her heart out, and you're ready to rock. You start rolling.

And then, a minute or so in, you notice it: oh *#&$, his hair looks ridiculous. You can totally see the lavalier cable. He's got a BOOGER ON HIS NOSE, OH MY GOD, GROSS.

So, do you... stop? And bring a rocking interview to an abrupt halt? What are you even gonna say? “Hey, uh, do you mind if I wipe your nose for you?”

You could also let it slide, and realize afterwards that it looks even worse when you blow it up on a big screen. “Oh, how amateurish of me!”, you think.

There's only one way, really, to keep this from happening: take a good, hard look at your tiny, tiny LCD before you begin. But unless you have a camera with the latest ULTRA-RETINA HYPER-LCD 2000 technology and extremely good vision to go with it, you could still miss something.

How can you be sure you're not making a fool of your subject? How can you avoid letting some tiny, stupid detail ruin what is otherwise the best interview ever?

BAM. Here's a checklist that you can download, print, and bring with you every time you shoot.

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