Primary Goals

  • Migrate away from Selenium / Firefox-based rendering engine to Chromium Embedded Framework; it's designed for this sort of application, and as much as I love Firefox, unfortunately there's no such thing as Firefox Embedded Framework
  • Thumbnail renderer is broken in current rendition of the new CEF renderer; must fix before I push it to production
  • Get this thing on https, like, yesterday
  • Make a rendering engine that rips out all the multi-node stuff; the performance gains are almost nil with the new CEF renderer and it adds a LOT of complexity

Personal Goals

  • Do a little bit of devops magic and automate pushes to production and my dev server. Right now I push it using FTP, and then do the git stuff. Quite redundant and tedious
  • Stream development on https://twitch.tv/nicksmadscience! Make stuff for YouTube too!
  • Promote this thing! Spotlight the custom-branded feature!

Stretch goals

  • Use Auth0 to let users make their own accounts where they can save presets and the like; use it as a trial balloon for paid accounts with access to premium templates?

Implemented updates

  • Fixed the glitch (crudely) where titles get stuck partway through the render
  • CEF renderer is now baseline-usable! It's faster, doesn't require a separate manually-implemented alpha channel pass, and makes template design easier


Initial version before I started tracking changes. Used a hackish-but-functional rendering engine based on Firefox and Selenium. Loved mainly by a former employer; their brand-customized version saved them a lot of time.

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